Danebo Reading Circle

Looking to engage your love of Nordic literature? The Danish American Center’s “Danebo Reading Circle” meets one Sunday a month at 1:30pm from September through May (typically on Æbleskive Breakfast Sundays!to discuss gems old and new.  Anyone with a love of literature and discussion is welcome to take part.

2018 – 19 Schedule:

September 16, 2017:  Woman at 1,000 Degrees by Hallgrímur
Helgason; a contemporary Icelandic novel

October 21, 2018:  1864: The Forgotten War That Shaped Modern
by Tom Buk-Swienty; a Danish novel, historic

November 18, 2018:   The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff; American
author writing about Danish artist Einar Wegener

January 20, 2019:  Jeppe of the Hill and other Plays (The Transformed
Peasant) by Ludvig Holberg; Danish from 1772

February 17, 2019:  The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell;
English author

March 17, 2019:   The Black Cliffs by Gunnar Gunnarsson; Icelandic
author, originally written in Danish

April 14, 2019:  Early Spring by Tove Ditlevsen; Danish author and

May 19, 2019:   Return to the Future, diary of Sigrid Undset,
Norwegian author

Want more information? Email dainfo@dac.mn to request being put in touch with one of our Danebo Reading Circle members.